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Paidion Children's Ministry’s one-year Certificate Course


Biblically based ♦ Practise focused ♦ Professional

Short Learning Programme with Competence Certificate

Learners earn 30 points

For whom?

  • Ministers/ pastors and their wives
  • Full time or voluntarily children’s workers
  • Children’s church workers (for large group and small group)
  • Catechism/ Sunday school teachers
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • (Prospective) au pairs
  • Anyone who works with or just loves children

Says who?

Different churches:

‘During 1999 I had the privilege to do the Paidion Children's Ministry course. This is by far the most precious training that I received in my ministry. I can commend the Paidion Children's Ministry course with great confidence to any minister/ pastor, youth worker or voluntary worker. The theory of the course is Biblically based, scientifically justifiable and timeless. I use the principles which I used in the course in my ministry to people from all ages. The workbooks which I received during the course still has great value for me today. The course ends in practical skills … which form the basis of my children’s and youth ministry. I reckon that the course should be a necessary part of every children’s and youth worker’s equipment. The core values which I learnt … is part of my ministry and my character.’
Rev. Sakkie
van den Bergh (Minister, DR Church)

‘An indispensable part of every minister’s/ pastor’s, youth worker’s and adult’s life.’
Rev. Francois Human (Minister, DR Church)

’Excellent! In step with my heart for the creation of a new Biblically based generation!’
Pastor Johan Pieterse (Pastor, AFM)

‘The best thing that could have happened to me at this age.’
Edna Piek (Former Chairperson of the Women in the URCSA & primary school teacher)

‘Why haven’t I discovered this information 20 years ago in my teaching career? It would have made me a better teacher to understand the child better … Fantastic information!’
Annatjie Fourie (Member of Gemeentes in Christus & primary school teacher)

Another minister/ pastor

’There were four big lifechanging moments in my life: my conversion, my marriage, the coming of my children and this course!’
Rev. Derick du Toit (Minister, DR Church)

Some more teachers

‘I have learnt more about the child in this course than in my four years of teacher training.’
Biggs van Wyk (Primary school teacher)

‘The best course of its kind of which I am aware.’
Ronél du Randt (Preschool headmistress & was preschool children’s church leader in a macro church)

’An unequalled highlight, indescribably wonderful, life changing and enriching. A MUST for everyone who is enthusiastic about God’s heart for children.’
Dr. Tiesie de Coning (Former lecturer at the PU for CHO, former teacher and children’s church co-ordinator of a macro church)

Course contents

Book 1: A definition of children's ministry

  • The subject, object and task of children's ministry

Book 2: The church (The subject of children's ministry)

  • What is the church’s reason for existence?
  • How does one become part of the church?
  • Can children also become part of the church and do they become part of the church in the same way as adults?

Book 3: The child (The object of children's ministry)

  • Who is the child? (His internal and external uniquenesses)

Book 4: Children's ministry (The task of children's ministry)

  • The character of children's ministry (The core values of children's ministry)
  • The practical ways in which the church can minister to the child with reference to:
    • The ministry of salvation
    • The ministry of God’s Word
    • The ministry of prayer
    • The ministry of the fellowship of believers
    • The ministry of gifts
    • The ministry of witnessing
    • The ministry of integration
    • The ministry of green awareness
    • The ministry of the battle (with the devil)
    • The ministry of the Spirit
  • What guidelines are there for the make and use of some visual aids?

Book 5: Children’s ethics and children’s pastorate (The task of children's ministry)

  • How can a child be guided in his choices?
  • How can a child be guided out of his crises?


To give you:

  • the necessary framework from which to think about children's ministry,
  • the best possible knowledge about children's ministry
  • the necessary skills for children's ministry,
  • the needed feeling so that you can think about, talk about and do children's ministry with confidence and
  • a Paidion Children's Ministry competence certificate.

Course information

Time: 1 Year correspondence course and practicums on a Friday and Saturday after the October school holidays
Language: Afrikaans and English (since 2018)
Qualification: People from all denominations with at least a grade 12 or equivalent certificate
Assessment: No traditional exams, but continuous assessment mainly through assignments


Practicums for the Paidion Children's Ministry Certificate Programme takes place on a Friday and/ or a Saturday after the October school holidays in Pretoria and in Cape Town.

Course leader

Dr Leon van Zyl

  • was in full time ministry for 25 years,
  • received child evangelism training in the USA,
  • has 25 years of experience in children's ministry,
  • attended various children's ministry conferences in the USA,
  • was assistant-National Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship SA (CEFSA),
  • was Head: Children's Ministry at the Huguenot College,
  • is Head of Paidion Children's Ministry since 1996,
  • was an invited children's ministry course leader at the Theological Faculties of the Universities of Stellenbosch, Pretoria and Vista,
  • in 1999 received the CBSA-award for the best children’s book in SA: Jy mag maar vra ... oor God en Jesus,
  • was co-author of the Jy mag maar vra-omnibus (2005) and author of Die ontwikkelingsfases van jou kind (2007) and
  • established the children's ministry at churchwithoutwalls (Verwoerdburgstad DR Church) from 2000 to 2004.

Payment and application form:

  • Discount for early and group applications.

Banking details

Account name: Paidion Children's Ministry
Bank: ABSA
Account number: 406 815 1459 (Cheque)
Branch code: 632 005
Reference: Course20 Initials and surname (e.g. Course20 I Erasmus) or
Course20 Congregation’s name x number of learners (e.g. Course20 AFM Bellville x 5)

Application form 2020

  • For the one-year correspondence course for 2020 click here

Send application forms (with copy of ID and proof of payment) to:
Paidion Children's Ministry
PO Box 102325
Moreleta Plaza